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Justin completed his volunteer roll in the filming of SHED WARS by TRUESIGHT MEDIA for the SortsmanChannel this past week. He and 5 other shed hunters including valley local, Josh Yandle will be featured in SHED WARS on the Sportsman Channel, Premieres May 21st at 8PM EP.

Background on the Antler Craze

The demand for natural antler has skyrocketed over the past 20 years as it has become a key material in more and more high-end products. Antler is prized for use in top-of-the-line designer accessories, art, furniture and chandeliers, as well as in less traditional products like $20 dog chews, Eastern medicine, aphrodisiacs and homeopathic remedies.

Antler is a natural and renewable resource, but it’s extremely limited, so demand far outweighs supply each year. The supply is even further reduced due to the fact that most antlers found are simply kept by their finders as a one-of-a-kind personal treasure. This has resulted in the market getting further and further out of balance every year, eventually turning it into a fierce competition.

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