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”People flock from all over the world to towns like Vail and Beaver Creek to partake in the quintessential mountain-living experience. These renowned villages are truly magical places. They’re places that keep drawing you back, again and again. No artwork captures this feeling, the essence of mountain living better than the unique creations of antler artist Justin Greshko.” 

In a new-millennium Art landscape plagued by derivative incrementalism or wanton one- upmanship, Justin Greshko has thrown out all the rules to create a completely refreshing art-form that’s as nostalgic, rich and comforting as it is stunning, unique and current.


Utilizing the natural beauty of found materials from the Rocky Mountains, Greshko crafts pieces that epitomize the modern, mountain aesthetic, while blazing a trail into new artistic territory. Greshko’s works blend “lodge” and “luxury” into the kind of rustic elegance that resonates in perfect harmony with the Mountain lifestyle.


With every piece he creates, Greshko executes an evolving relationship that fuses his artistic vision with the naturally occurring beauty, line, and form of his found materials. He spends countless hours foraging and harvesting materials from near his home in the Rocky Mountains. 

He then handpicks the elements that correlate best to his vision harmonizing the textures, shapes and vectors into a synergetic composition that leaps from the surface. Greshko focuses his visual storytelling largely on scenes that are synonymous with the Rocky Mountain mystique—from broad landscapes to specific flora and fauna.


The natural materials themselves each have their own stories to tell. Like snowflakes, every antler, stone, board and branch is a singular creation, infused with its own history, never again to be duplicated. Richly weathered hardwood, reclaimed from a century-old mountain homestead, holds countless echoes from the past in its well-worn and strikingly distressed surface."Greshko brings the elements, objects, and surfaces together in a way that allows them to share their own story and by so doing, this brilliant artist gives rise to heirloom-quality works of art...destined to be passed down from generation to generation.


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