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High Art

This art is a skillful mergence of creative artistry, sculptural talent and craftsmanship. The framing is an integral part of each piece created. It seems to be almost as important as the content because it is part of the content; sometimes the content extends out onto the framing, beautifully uniting the composition with the frame. Each piece is uniquely different, as each work of art should be, but because the artist crafts each frame to each work, makes the art piece exceptionally cogent, cohesive, well thought out and skillfully executed.

The artist exhibits an innate understanding of the anatomical structures of animals and plants. Deer and elk antlers, reclaimed wood and stone may not seem like materials that would render beautiful images of fish, frogs, butterflies, scenery but the artist accomplishes truly eye popping results. It seems the artist "bends" and blends these fabrics together, but of course, they are not bendable or flexible. The artist understands and easily uses the characteristics of these materials to create unique and beautiful art.The artwork is at once rustic, yet elegant, quiet, subtle, yet prominent and engaging. Standing back and letting the eyes study the composition, balance, use of materials, one realizes that although seemingly plain and simple, each art piece is complex, expertly executed.The use of color is restrained, being used judiciously, sparing the natural beauty of the materials. Several pieces of Justin's work are composed using no color, producing artwork that is semi-monochromatic, yet full of details and interest, permitting the character and colors of the woods, antlers and stone to establish the rich, subtle qualities of each composition. post by M.M., Evergreen, Colorado, USA

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