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Hi Justin:

Of course I would be honored to write a testimonial.  


When I asked Justin to construct a piece of artwork for my home, he studied pictures of the room where the art was to be hung.  He decided to reconstruct Gore Canyon on the Colorado River, a location where I have spent many wonderful days angling and observing nature. 


Justin took into consideration the lighting of the room, the size of the wall and the colors of paint and woodwork in the room, before designing this piece.  He spent several weeks constructing the piece. When he was finished, he had created a 3 dimensional depiction of Gore Canyon with 2 butterflies and a brown trout, (all made from antlers),  emerging from the canyon floor in 3 dimension, a unique happy scene.   When I look at Gore Canyon, I see clouds, cliffs, rock ledges below the water level, and currents within the river.   Justin's depiction of Gore canyon brings an instant smile to my face.  It is a major conversation piece with visitors to my home.


When Justin Greshko shipped Gore Canyon to Maryland it arrived sealed in a wooden crate, with a mounting French cleate on the frame and enclosed mounting instructions.  The shipping company was meticulous in packaging the artwork and notifying me in advance of its delivery. 


Justin's commission for Gore Canyon was based on the amount of time and effort he spent constructing the piece and on the value of the piece in the opinion of local art experts in Vail Valley.   I am not an expert on the value of art, but I can tell you that my reaction to the piece is invaluable.    It just makes me happy. Sincerely- M.D. 






Dear Justin.

Thank you for asking me to write a testimonial about the floral piece I commissioned you for.

     I am delighted with this piece of artwork.  The natural woods , the columbine flowers and insects are creative and beautiful.  The flowers and insects are 3- dimensional.  The insects are highly detailed, made from shaved antlers and porcupine needles. The flowers are crafted of painted wood and antlers.   The frame is made from natural Colorado wood.  Justin placed a gray mat inside the frame, made of beetle-kill pine,  The blue coloring of the flowers is subtle and changes with different lighting, adding to its beauty.

       I am in awe of the amount of labor which went into the construction of this work of art. The originality and uniqueness of this piece makes it even more  valuable and special.  I therefore offered Justin a substantial commission for this piece and I am forever grateful to Justin for encompassing exactly what I wanted.

Signed - S.O.K.

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